Random ruthless criticism and provocations– history, political economy, religion– half baked academic flapdoodle theorizing of same. Redeemed, I hope, by a pretty sharp book review or two each week.

Bob Reutenauer is a labor organizer, independent scholar, and adjunct instructor of History at Middlesex Community College.  He lives with his family in Middletown, CT.  While a UConn student from 1980cropped-39201.jpg-84 he studied cultural anthropology and economics and became active on disarmament, Central America, and environmental issues. He lived on campus in the Intentional Democratic Community (IDC) until its final days in the Age of Reagan.  As a Peace Corps volunteer from 1984-86 he worked at a fish marketing cooperative in the  Kingdom of Tonga.  He was trained as a community organizer at the CT Citizen Action Group (CCAG) where he spent the
remainder of the 1980s before joining the labor movement first with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) local at UConn Health Center  and now with Congress of CT Community Colleges a Service Employees International Union (SEIU) local. Along the way he raised up two kids, finished an MA in US History, and became a Unitarian Universalist. He has seen Bob Dylan 26 times since the “never ending tour” began in 1988, reads close to 100 books each year, has visited 43 of the United States and travelled in 24 foreign countries.



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