Gwyn and her Middletown High squad raised $900…

for Planned Parenthood and Center for Reproductive Rights last night 12/15/2016! Painting and dancing, chamber music by friends, and a talks from awesome leading women of our small city– Karen Hobaimg_8638rt Flynn , national president of Common Cause, and Felicia Goodwine of Rushford Center and the Substance Abuse Prevention Council. “Take Action” handouts targeting banks in fight against DAPL, for DACA and the Dreamers, protecting health insurance access from Trumped up Republicans, promoting house meetings for SURJ (Showing Up for Racial Justice) and finally and most desperately the crying need to help Syrian families.. International Rescue Center seems a good choice.

International Rescue Committee what-next-for-people-fleeing-aleppo

Dreamers unitedwedream-org

Showing Up for Racial Justice surj-house-party






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