“I will fight hard to defeat Trump and elect Clinton…

….but I will do so by trying my best to help people take stock of where we are and what’s wrong with it, and by arguing why electing Clinton will give us our best chance to pursue meaningful changes, including some that she does not support — not by cheerleading for the status quo and papering over the very serious underlying problems of our economy and society. Our politics must be big enough to wrestle with contradictions and accommodate analysis that gives depth to our moral appeals for solidarity.”

My old friend from 1199 New England Paul Kumar said this, very informally, on Facebook around the time of the DNConvention this summer. Clear and gripping stuff like this can be counted on from Paul.  I took note of it, and have read and listened to much more of the discourse and debate– from the passionless lesser evilism endorsed by Chomsky, swing state vote swapping strategy of half committed Greenish Jill Stein folk, fully bonkers Bernie bro paranoia of Clintonistas, to the delusional Chris Hedges “heighten the contradictions” fantasies that a President Trump administration would spark the popular leftism we most surely need.
Paul (now in the Bay Area working as Political Director of Save the Bay) no one has said it better, Thanks!

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