The Empire of Necessity: Slavery, Freedom, and Deception in the New World (2013) Greg Grandin 

17286702Tremendous read! Takes us deeply into the world of Melville’s _Benito Cereno_ , a tale of South Pacific slave uprising, masked identities, and the New England seal hunting vessel captained by FDR ancestor Amasa Delano. The bizarre “incident” which Melville turns into his own fictional novella, is retold by the historian Grandin, with a literary, legal, and cultural touch of great ambition and talent. A beautiful and unique book. Sits next to Walter Johnson’s _River of Dark Dreams_ (2013) for it’s subtle, successful push, demonstrating the continuing need to research the origin, meaning, and impact of new world slavery. David Brion Davis and Robin Blackburn recently completed their career long trilogies on slavery in the hemisphere, but they will not get the last word! Sits next to David Blights _American Oracle_ (2012) for combination treatment of literary and historical events.

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