Demanding the Impossible (2013) Slavoj Žižek 

18118862Interview of Zizek by Korean scholars in book form, not much new ground for readers of his other recent work. Books, other interviews, you tube gabfests. Not a great place to start if you have not read him before, better to wrestle with his written stuff. For me he is a launch pad into continuing effort to understand three big ideas: dialectical thinking… he often gives vivid unexpected examples of one thing turning into its opposite (Hegel); ideology and other tricky stuff along the lines of commodity fetishism (Marx); and the new bit for me, psychoanalysis and the triad Real, Imaginary, Symbolic (Lacan). The attraction of his prose for me is his range.. Aristotle, Lenin, and Popeye the Sailor in one paragraph. [made that up.. you get the point :-)]

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