Another Side of Bob Dylan: A Personal History on the Road and off the Tracks, Victor Maymudes (2014)  

19286538I had heard the author on a couple of pre-release radio bits and eagerly picked it up right away. I am as a big a Dylan fan as anyone ever was, which does not mean I rush out to read each and every bio or lit crit treatment that come along from the popular and academic presses. So many. One can be discriminating. This one belongs on the small shelf with Sean Wilentz, Greil Marcus, Suze Rotolo, Dylan’s Chronicles, and the collections of the interviews. [Ellen Willis essays, reviews too]. Lots of anecdotes and details that are new. But more than that it is a beautifully conceived and executed work. A father/son story. Not Bob and Jakob, but Victor and Jacob. Bob and Victor, an epic friendship, each had boys in 1979. Jacob and Jakob. Victors contribution to book are transcribed from audio tapes he made privately that survived a family fire, and Victors death. In Jacob’s hands and with much of his own voice offering and analyzing his Dad’s tremendously exciting life in “the scene” and around the world with Dylan for a good part of 40 years.

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