Midnight in Europe (2014) Alan Furst

Midnight in Europe (Night Soldiers, #13)
Alan Furst’s latest is top notch like all the others. Atmosphere of pre-war Europe, heroic but life size characters, romance [spoiler](chapter 2! , jeez alan!) and plot driven by a singular mission. Spanish Civil War is overall setting for weapons purchase/transport by supporters of republic in Paris and New York. The off books role of white shoe FDR friendly Franco-American law firm in support of anti-fascist work is a perfectly Furstian way to tell the story from unexpected angle. One of his earlier books was also a Spanish War setting and was one of his most politically astute in that it dealt with the anarchist, republican, and soviet led partisans. All of that is presumed here.. trust no one, just get the guns to these guys. And we do have a brief visit from the only recurring character in these 10 or so books from the last 15 years.. the lovable wit, charm and understated courage of the Hungarian Count Polanyi. He needs a book of his own!


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