Reverse racism is BS, but prejudice real.

“Until people of color colonize, dominate and enslave the populations of the planet in the name of “superiority,” create standards of beauty based on their own colored definition, enact a system where only people of color benefit on a large-scale, and finally pretend like said system no longer exists, there is no such thing as reverse racism. Prejudice is in all of us, but prejudice employed as a governing structure is something different.”   Tiffie Drayton

So many situations arise, all the time really, when having the presence of mind to bring this into  conversations of everyday life, slip away. It is such a simple powerful startling truth that it seems just too much of an — intervention.  Conversation within the family the water-cooler the coffee shop will end.  Too true, too revealing, too disruptive for run of the mill white folks experience.  Structure a conversation about racism, have a flyer, invite people, show YouTube clips of Wanda Sykes (really do this!), and those in attendance will exhaust each other deeply probing and making evident the presence of racism and white skin privilege in our social worlds.  It is ideological, hegemonic if you will, constituted and reproduced by and because of it’s pervasive invisibility.  “They don’t know it, because they do it” is a little bromide from this corner of Marxian/Gramscian discourse.

Drayton offers 17 more of these in “18 Things White People Should Know/Do Before Discussing Racism.”

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