Higher Education of Tomorrow

A wise person once said that if we don’t change direction we will end up where we are going.


Without stretching the imagination, it is easy to envision the college of tomorrow by simply extrapolating from the trends of today.

There will remain five basic types of higher-education institutions:

  1. Two-year schools. Much as they are today, these will have a dual purpose. First, they will prepare students for ‘hands on’ careers requiring a base level of certification. Second, they will offer ‘transfer degrees’ enabling students who could not (or did not) enter four-year colleges directly from high school to gain skills (or proficiency at the tests meant to assess skills) and find entry into baccalaureate programs. Teaching will continue to be the responsibility of a mix of full-time and part-time faculty. Typical 5/5 teaching loads for the FT faculty will keep their focus on the classroom, faculty having little time for scholarship or even necessary service responsibilities. To take some of the burden off of faculty and in response…

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